Set Up Live Forecasting
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You have just received an email that states that we have successfully built a forecasting model, great!

Now, let's activate the model. you are directed to this screen within Forwrd:


To set up the live forecasting, we need to add 2 new fields to your HubSpot deal object:

1. Enter your HubSpot account. Choose 'Companies', then choose 'Actions'. Within the dropdown menu choose 'Edit properties'.


2. Now press the orange button 'Create property'.


3. A new window pops up that prompts you to 'Create a new property'.

Within the 'Object type' menu, choose 'Deal'.


4. Within the 'Group' menu, choose 'Deal information'.


5. Let's label the first property 'Forwrd deal probability' and then press 'Next'.


6. Within 'Field type' choose 'Single-line text', then press 'Next'.


7. Within 'Property rules' choose nothing. Press 'Create'.


8. Now let's create the second property. Follow steps 2-4.

Now let's label the second property 'Forwrd close date' and then press 'Next'.


9. Within 'Field type' choose 'Date picker', then press 'Next'.


10. Within 'Property rules' choose 'Any date'. Press 'Create'.


11. Now go back to our initial screen within Forwrd and refresh.


12. Choose the 'Deal probability' and 'Close date' fields you just created in HubSpot,

Press 'Next'.

That's it! You just created an automation that will start running daily at 12am UTC.

Thanks for taking the time to review these instructions.

If you need further help setting things up, or if you’d like to see a personalized, in-depth demo of Forwrd –book a demo with us. We'd love to help!

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