Churn Risk

Identify who from your costumers are at risk via their engagement and activities

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Identify churn risk, enabling you to stay ahead of potential customer churn. Discover how to flag at-risk customers, personalize CSM outreach, and keep your valued customers engaged.

Stay Ahead of Potential Churn

Using advanced AI algorithms, Forwrd can detect early churn signals, allowing you to proactively address issues before they escalate. Flag customers requiring CSM attention, ensuring timely intervention to retain valuable customers.

Know Your Customers Better. Keep 'Em Longer!

Base your churn risk scores on comprehensive data from your CRM, marketing, product, and Customer Success (CS) stacks. By understanding your customers' needs and behaviors, you can respond faster and implement strategies to foster long-term relationships.

Activate Insights in Apps Your CSMs Already Use

Eliminate unnecessary communication barriers. Our AI pushes churn risk insights directly into the CRM systems that your CSMs already use. This seamless integration speeds up response times, allowing CSMs to focus on addressing issues rather than searching for information.

Personalize Your CSMs' Outreach at Scale

Empower your Customer Success Managers with daily insights to enhance their understanding of customers. Forwrd enables personalized outreach activities at scale, fostering stronger connections and increasing the effectiveness of customer retention efforts.

Spot Churn with AI, Without Involving Data Teams

Forget about complex data processes. Our no-code approach allows you to effortlessly build and deploy predictive customer scoring models without the need for data teams. Identify potential churn risks efficiently, giving your team the tools to take proactive measures.

If you would like more guidance or to explore how Forwrd can elevate your Customer Success strategy by identifying and mitigating churn risks, please contact our support team. We're here to help you ensure the success and satisfaction of your valued customers.

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